About Super Cyclone Amphan – Relief Work

Poor people of Sundarbans were going through a very hard time due to Covid-19 Pandemic. But the landfall of Super Cyclonic Storm Amphan in the mid night on 20th May 2020 completely devastated the lives of people of Sundarbans. Thousands and thousands of people became homeless and there were no food no drinking water. Without wasting any time, Our Dighir Ganguly Foundation Trust jumped into relief works for the poor and helpless people belonging to various villages under the Hingalgang block of Sundarbans. During the first 7 to 10 days our trust distributed relief items like readymade Food packets, Soap, Candle and Phenyl every day to the helpless villagers.

However, from 1st week of June 2020, we were back to our core work area, villages surrounding Samsernagar and Malekanghumti next to Sundarbans forest. Over there we had identified approximately 350 very poor families to whom we delivered monthly ration consisting of Musur Dal -1 Kg, Mustard Oil – 1Kg, Sugar – 1Kg, Soya beans – 500 gm, Chhole -500 gm, Salt 1 Kg , potato 2 Kg, onion 1 Kg. and one Soap. We donated such monthly ration to 350 families till September 2020.

We concluded our relief work by donation of new sarees and petticoats to 350 poor female villagers as Durga Puja gift.

We donated relief items of worth 6.22 Lakh rupees towards Amphan relief. We are grateful to all our well-wishers and friends who came forward to donate generously for our relief work.

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Dighir Ganguly Foundation Trust is a registered public charitable trust and carries out various charitable programs on education and health care services for the poor people of Sundarbans.