About Dighir Pathagar

Libraries for students and villagers

• Our Trust runs two libraries, one at Sri Ramakrishna Agragami Sangha, Malekanghumti and the other at Swamiji & Netaji Seva Sangha, Samsernagar.

• The library at Malekanghumti hosts approximately 3500 books while the library at Samsernagar has approximately 1500 books.

• These libraries immensely help the poor students of Sundarbans since buying books is an economic burden for them.

• Apart from books, we also keep daily Newspapers and periodicals for the villagers.

• We have appointed two librarians to run these 2 libraries.

Dighir Pathagar Gallery

Dighir Ganguly Foundation Trust is a registered public charitable trust and carries out various charitable programs on education and health care services for the poor people of Sundarbans.