About Dighir Alo

Charitable eye clinic in Sundarbans.

Since 2015, our Trust is running two permanent eye clinics, named as DIGHIR ALO, at Swamiji and Netaji Seva Sangha, Samsernagar and Sri Ramakrishna Sevasram, Sandelerbill, two remote villages under Sundarbans.

From April 2022, we started our third eye clinic at Sardarpara, Madhavkathi, a tribal village on the bank of Raymongal river to serve the poorest of the poor tribal people of Sundarbans.

Poor villagers of Sundarbans avail eye checkup services through these clinics from an eye specialist.

Our Trust provides free medicines to all the patients and donates spectacles to villagers having poor eye sight.

During the current financial year 2021-22, 1067 poor villagers were treated free of cost in these clinics and we donated spectacles to 752 patients having poor eye sight.

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Dighir Ganguly Foundation Trust is a registered public charitable trust and carries out various charitable programs on education and health care services for the poor people of Sundarbans.